Facilities and services available for our guests included in the room fare:
  • Outdoor reheated pool with large relaxation areas
  • Outdoor sauna (also upon reservation)
  • Park with relaxation areas / reading
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi in the park
  • Buffet during pre-dinner aperitifs
  • Landing area for helicopters during the day
  • Recharge points for electric cars
  • Private parking
  • Covered parking for motorbikes
  • Restaurants booking
  • Taxi service booking
  • Hair Stylist booking
  • Tee-time Golf Club booking
Facilities and services available for our guests with fee:
  • Wine tastings
  • Aperitifs
  • Light lunch
  • Transfer from/to airports by car and/or helicopter
  • Baby sitting
  • Car rental with or without driver
  • Picnic bag for trekking or bike tour
  • Bikes rental (also power-assisted)

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